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See Hear Now Auction

TriCity News May 18, 2023

We’re all about helping out our friends who in turn are helping out others. The most important part of this gig is blowing up events that deserve the press.

And the good folks at Sea.Hear.Now, that multi-day music, art, and surf festival thats brought big beach music back to the beachfront, has donated some artworks for an auction with proceeds to ben-efit three local nonprofit organizations that we’re big fans of: the Asbury Park Arts Council (APAC), the Asbury Park African American Music Project (AP-AMP) and KYDS (Konscious Youth Development & Service).

We’ve proudly given lots of ink to all these organiza-tions over the years. So why not a little more.

The online auction organized by APAC will launch on Monday, May 22 and run through Monday, June 19. Get the wallets out and consider throwing in some bids.

Works included in the auction are by Danny Clinch x Cey Adams, Robert Siliato x George Bates, and Charles Mencel Surfboards x Lana Macchiaverna (LLUNACY). Rock and roll photographer and festival co-founder, Danny Clinch and renowned New York City-based visual artist, Cey Adams collaborated on a piece of musician, Gary Clark, Jr. Monmouth County-based surf photographer, Robert Siliato and Asbury Park-based artist George\ Bates, col-laborated on a piece blending surf imagery and music lyrics, and Charles Mencel and Lana Mac-chiaverna created a beautiful custom made surf-board for the band Green Day, who asked that it be donated for charitable purposes.

“Sea.Hear.Now has a history of both working with local artists and giving back to local nonprofit orga-nizations. We could not be more excited that they have chosen us to be one of the beneficiaries of the auction of these wonderfully unique works that have the same special feel as the festival itself” said Carrie Turner, Executive Director of the Asbury Park Arts Council, an organization that advocates for and promotes art initiatives in the city.

“This auction helps bring attention and resources to groups doing valuable work in and around As-bury Park. The online fundraising platform we se-lected also allows for direct donations outside of the auction itself, so we are hopeful for a nice show of support,” Turner added.

The Asbury Park African American Music Project (AP-AMP) celebrates the cultural heritage of Spring-wood Avenue on Asbury Park’s West Side through oral histories, research, writing, and community programs. AP-AMP is currently raising funds to renovate the legendary Turf Club, the last remaining structure that housed one of Springwood Avenue’s celebrated music spots, to transform it into a com-munity venue for music and culture.

Konscious Youth Development & Service (KYDS) is a youth development organization pri-marily focused on holistic wellness programming for kids in elementary through high school. KYDS partners with schools in Asbury Park and beyond teaching mindfulness through meditation, yo-ga-based movement and creative expression, help-ing young people better manage their emotions, which has a host of benefits including helping them resist negative influences. KYDS offerings have ex-panded to serve educators, parents and commu-nity members to reinforce and support the youth programming.

The link to the auction is

For more information: Sea.Hear.Now: https://www.; @seahearnow Asbury Park Arts Council: https://asburyparkartscouncil. org/mission-statement/; @asburyartscouncil. As-bury Park African American Music Project:; @asbury_amp, Konscious Youth Development & Service (KYDS):; @kyds_nj