Month: May 2022

Lady King Collage


Local weekly paper covering regional news and events gets an interview with artist Lady King Collage. by Tara Collins AKA Twisted T

In honor of National Collage Day recently, I thought it would be a good time to interview “Lady King Collage” whom I follow on Instagram. I really enjoy her image choices and
sense of humor with the combinations she arranges in her collages. Tell me about your art background?

Did you attend art school or are you self taught?

I am self-taught. I didn’t go to art school, I went to college for Wildlife Conservation with a focus in Animal Behavior. As I think with most people though, art has always been
such an important part of my life.

What brought you to create the art that you make?

I have these old collages in my little home studio in West Belmar, that I made during the height of the presidential election in 2016. They are pretty straight forward and were an
easy way for me to express a lot of the sadness I was feeling. I didn’t share art in a public way for a long time, but I think that’s probably what initiated my introduction specifically into the collage world. My art has certainly evolved over the years, but what has remained the same has been my love of nature and the sciences, as well as frustration with so many political issues. Ultimately, I create as an outlet, but if I make something that resonates with just one other person – that’s a great feeling.

What is your process with your art making?

I work specifically with paper. I spend a lot of time checking out antique stores that have old books or bidding on vintage magazines on eBay. Once I get a haul of new materials, I pull out everything I think I might want to use and go from there. At this point, I have hundreds of old sci-fi magazines, field guides and art history books. I use a scalpel or short fine blade scissors to cut the images out and usually a basic glue or Modge Podge to seal everything together.

What inspires you?

Is “everything” too corny of an answer? The truth is I’ll cry just listening to a classical piece of music. I’ll cry if I see a herd of deer on my way to work and the sunlight hits them at just the right angle. Nature inspires me and science inspires me. There are so many incredible artists that I look up to who inspire me as well.

If or when you get lost in an “art funk” (like writer’s block for artists), what helps you get back to creating?

I wish I had a solution to this, I’m open to suggestions! In all honesty, I’ll (sometimes) go weeks without creating anything. I try to navigate the ebb and flow of those emotions responsibly now, more so than I did when I was younger. I don’t want to put pressure on myself to create, but I do try to recognize when it’s been a while since I last sat down to make something. I used to be hard on myself if I sat down to create and wasn’t happy with what I was making. I still deal with those same feelings, but I try to redirect my thoughts when that happens now. Once I can get past that, it usually opens me back up to feeling free enough to create again.

Where do you show/exhibit your art?

I recently was part of the Asbury Park Avant-Garde exhibit at the M. Christina Geis Gallery at Georgian Court University. Before that, pre COVID, at the Locals Art Space in Asbury and Trident Arts in Long Branch. I’ve also been fortunate enough to create and co-create album art with friends of mine for their music, Martin Howth, Thank You Scientist, Karmic Juggernaut to name a few.

What would you like to see happen in the Monmouth County art community?

It sounds silly to state the obvious, but to think that we all spent over a year shut down with no gallery openings, no live music, it really makes me appreciate where we are now. Art brings joy to all of us in so many different ways and it’s imperative, especially now for people to show their appreciation for art by showing their support. They can buy local art or buy a ticket to see a live band. Or, if you can’t help monetarily, continue to support local projects and programs that benefit artists in their area, get involved at a grassroots level to encourage local politicians to support the art community, or see if there are any volunteer opportunities at any local galleries or organizations.

Check out her collages on Instagram @ladykingcollage