Month: December 2021

Erica Castellini


Local weekly paper covering regional news and events gets an interview with artist Erica Castellini. by Tara Collins AKA Twisted T

I’m a self -aught artist. A few years ago, I started to collage because I realized I was missing a creative outlet in my life and felt stagnant and unfulfilled. At that time, I was working full time as an acupuncturist and part time as a social worker on an inpatient psych unit with the chronically mentally ill. When COVID hit I had to close my office for a few months, which allowed me the time and space to dive headfirst into my art. Initially I was just exploring different types of collaging, then more mixed media collage. This eventually led me into painting my backgrounds for certain collages and then making more mixed media art in general. I’ve always used my art to process my life, both internally and externally. I currently work out of my home. I converted one of my bedrooms to my “art room,” but will also hang canvases in the hallway and paint there or my backyard.

My days basically consist of waking up, making coffee, feeding the cats and I start to create until I go to my office. Once I’m done sticking needles in people, I come home and create some more. I usually have multiple works going on simultaneously, so having that break away from my art helps me get better perspective on what I need to modify or work on. I mainly listen to Buddhist monks chanting while I work. I have a lot of inspiration. I have a few “muses” in my life or will get ideas/visions while treating people or while I sleep. I’ve also curated my home and yard to provoke creativity. If I get in a funk, some days I sit in it. I feel as though I give a lot of energy and myself into my art, so there are times I just need to recharge. Other times I go through the ridiculous amount of material I have, and connections will connect in my brain, sparking inspiration. I also go to museums or look at other people’s art for inspiration or for new things I can try. Since I have no training a lot of my work is trial and error.

I’m currently just entering my work into juried exhibits. One of my pieces is currently in a juried show at the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council until January 2022. I have 3 pieces that are in a show in Jersey City through Art House Productions. I have another piece that was accepted into the National Collage Society Juried Exhibit which unfortunately is only online this year due to COVID. Otherwise, I do group art shows at Bond St. Complex frequently and have a few pieces at Pulp in Asbury.

I feel the community could support less known or starting out artists better by showcasing their work. It’s wonderful to see art around town but it’s mainly muralists and not artists that produce smaller works in different mediums. There are so many great artists out there that just do not know how to get their work seen. Luckily a lot of local businesses like Bond, Medusa, Pulp, Severed Wing and Café Volan allow for the space for local artists to show their work.