Month: April 2023

Asbury Pod - The- Asbury Park Arts Culture Plan

Asbury Pod discuss updates to the Asbury Park Arts and Culture Plan and welcome back Carrie Turner from the Asbury Park Arts Council. They also welcomed Eric Galipo from Francis Cauffman Architects who did the hard work of designing the Arts & Culture plan which will now be presented to the City Council.

AsburyPod also gratefully acknowledges the support of Jenn Hampton from the Parlor Gallery on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park who let us record this episode in her lovely space. Thanks Jenn!

Arts & Culture Plan Public Meeting

Public Meeting March 30, 2023

There was a presentation of the progress on the Arts & Culture Plan on March 30th at the Public Library. The next step is for the Arts & Culture Plan draft document to be submitted to the Planning Board, who will consider adopting it as an element of the city’s Master Plan. A date for the Planning Board hearing is not yet scheduled.