The APin3 Film Challenge REGISTRATION

  • To register for the APin3 Film Challenge, you must first open a FREE account and start a PROJECT PAGE on the Film Freeway website. Detailed instructions on how to do that can be found below

  • To Enter:

    • Click the SUBMIT button on the APin3 Film Freeway Page.

    • Fill out the required information to either log in or set up an account with Film Freeway.

    • Add a Project – this project page holds your entry slot in the Challenge. Simply title it “APin3”, fill in pertinent contact information and SAVE your project. Now search for APin3 under ‘festival search’ or click this link: to enter your project form in the Challenge. Follow the prompts to checkout your entry through the Secure Checkout. Click Pay and Complete Order and you’re entered in the Challenge.

    • Your entry is considered incomplete, as it has no video file associated with it yet. When you complete your film, you’ll return to your project page, amend an appropriate title, fill in the remainder of information about your film and upload your video file. Then your entry is complete. That’s It!

  • Read the Rules and Terms of entry for the APin3 Film Challenge by clicking the link below.