Your APin3 Production Package

The following elements MUST. be included as integrated elements of your video:

REQUIRED THEME: Sounds of Summer

What is a theme? A theme is an idea or concept that conveys a message and explores it through characters, setting, dialog, plot or elements. You can have a “title” for your video (i.e: “John and Mary visit Asbury Park”) but the “theme” conveyed should be “The Sounds of Summer”.

Undoubtedly, music is an important part of Asbury Park’s history and its present popularity, but there are many sounds that evoke what Asbury Park means to those who live, work and play here – sounds that are amplified in the summer months and help identify Asbury Park as a diverse, vibrant, artistic city. Your film can take advantage of the multitude of opportunities to illustrate the “Sounds of Summer” from your perspective as a resident or visitor.

REQUIRED LINE OF DIALOGUE: “Asbury Park is music to my ears.”

This line of dialogue must be spoken by a character or the narrator

REQUIRED EXTERIOR VISUAL LOCATION: City of Asbury Park Electronic Sign

The City of Asbury Park has three color electronic signs that communicate messages to passersby. You must include a shot of ONE of them while it displays the date on the sign. The date shown must be any date between August 7 through August 27th.

Signs are located at:

  • City Hall – Main Street at Mattison Avenue
  • Sunset Park – Main Street and Sunset Avenue
  • Springwood Park – Springwood Avenue and Atkins Avenue

REQUIRED PROP: Musical Instrument

One of the characters in your film should brandish a musical instrument – either acting with it, as a comedic element, sitting in a scene, etc. It can be the focus of your film or plainly evident in the background. Any way you creatively utilize the instrument it should be on screen for at least 5 seconds.

REQUIRED LOGO: The APin3 Film Challenge logo.

The APin3 logo should appear before or after your film. A jpeg or pdf of the logo is available for download by clicking one of the links below.