Art Fair 14C

APAC is excited to be a cultural partner of Art Fair 14C, the New Jersey non-profit sponsoring the upcoming event of the same name, to be held November 11th-13th at the Armory in Jersey City. Discounted tickets to the event are available through APAC, inquire at

Art Fair 14C’s mission is to increase opportunities for artists, expand public access to fine art, strengthen careers in the visual arts, and activate under-recognized arts areas. Their nonprofit model is of an art fair that reduces the barriers for access to the art world, for both visitor and exhibitor.  Subsidized exhibition booths are offered at cost or below cost, allowing smaller galleries, as well as non-traditional exhibitors, the opportunity to gain art fair experience at a fraction of the usual cost. Unique to Art Fair 14C, and of central importance to their mission, is The Showcase, which is for New Jersey-based artists.