APin3 Film Challenge & APAC Networking Event

APAC launched this program that was originated by Board President, Mike Sodano, and his partner, Nancy Sabino, when they owned the Show Room Cinema in Asbury Park. The concept is that participants have three days to make a three-minute film about Asbury Park that has a required theme, line of dialogue, location and prop that are revealed on day one of the challenge. The films are judged by a panel of creatives and the top films get screened at a premier event where prizes are awarded, including an Audience Favorite that is voted on at the premier screening.

Supported with grant funding, this year’s challenge was promoted in print and on social media and direct outreach to many civic/community groups in Asbury Park and surrounding areas. The challenge was held over October 13th-16th weekend, with the films screened on October 23rd at the House of Independents at an event that coincided with APAC’s Fall Networking Meeting. That night, filmmakers and their families and friends were in attendance along with cinema lovers and other local creatives. Each film was introduced by its director, adding depth and humanity to the evening’s experience, and giving the crowd a tough decision to make for Audience Favorite. The APin3 Film Challenge is poised to become a signature annual event for APAC.

The APin3 Film Challenge

APin3 Award Winners