Over $3,000 in prizes

FILM CHALLENGE: October 13-16, 2022

FILM PREMIER EVENT: October 23rd, @ 7PM
Location: HOUSE OF INDEPENDENTS, 521 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park

The APin3 Film Challenge is a fun and potentially sleepless 3 days of filmmaking in which you create a 3-minute movie - write, shoot, edit and score it - in just 72 hours. On Thursday, October 13th at 6pm, download your resources package - - which includes this year’s required theme, line of dialogue, prop and a scene-specific location - - and on Sunday, October 16th at 6PM, you upload your finished film. The top 10 winning entries will be shown to an audience at Asbury Park’s House of Independents theater on Sunday, October 23rd, 2022 at 7PM. A selection of AP in 3 entries will be screened at the discretion of the judges on APTV, the local cable channel and on the You Tube channel of the Asbury Park Arts Council.

Be creative. Make a film that is obviously shot in and reflects the spirit of the ever-changing Asbury Park. The APin3 Film Challenge is an opportunity to (1) visualize the unique vibe of this city that has a beachfront, an East side and a West side and a deep heritage of music, art, and creativity and (2) help us continue to highlight the best of Asbury Park in film.