About The Arts & Culture Plan

The Asbury Park Arts Council (APAC), with funding provided by Monmouth Arts and the Monmouth County Covid-19 Community Recovery Grant Program, has embarked on an effort to create a comprehensive Arts & Culture Plan for Asbury Park.

The six-month process includes:

  • An INVENTORY of existing cultural activity to ASSESS the health of the city’s cultural ecosystem
  • Identification of a common VISION & GOALS to guide the planning effort
  • Evaluation of various OPTIONS & STRATEGIES to support arts & culture; and
  • An ARTS & CULTURE PLAN that identifies and guides implementation

Each phase is supported by ENGAGEMENT & INPUT from the public to shape the outcomes of the plan and its priorities.

The Process

  • Completed

    Inventory & Assessment

    The first step in the planning process is to document a comprehensive inventory of the people, organizations, place, venues, activities, and other elements that make up the City’s artistic and cultural ecosystem. These elements will be benchmarked against other cities to assess strengths and weaknesses of the physical programmatic, and organizational dimensions of the cultural ecosystem.

  • Completed

    Vision & Goals

    The Vision for Arts & Culture will draw on the identified strengths, common priorities, and opportunities to establish the goals for supporting a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive cultural community in the City.

  • We Are Here

    Options & Strategies

    A broad range of methods and approaches for supporting, expanding, prioritizing, and channeling resources within the cultural ecosystem will be considered and evaluated to determine the most impactful organizational, programmatic, and physical strategies for achieving the goals of the plan.

  • And Finally

    The Final Arts & Culture Plan

    The final product will be an implementation guide that will include physical, programmatic, and organizational recommendations for supporting a sustainable and inclusive cultural ecosystem that contributes to economic development, community cohesion, and individual creativity.